Dallas man gets to 38 years in GC court for sexual abuse of a child

staff reports
Sexual abuse of a child gets Dallas man long prison sentence

Jesus Omberto Palacios, 26, of Dallas was sentencing to 38 years in prison for continuous sexual abuse of a child. The sentence results from a plea agreement with the Grayson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

Under Texas law, Palacios must serve all 38 years without consideration of good time credit or parole. He will not be released from prison until the year 2058.

In April of 2019, a concerned parent walked into the Sherman Police Department to report her young daughter had made an outcry of sexual abuse. The responding officer interviewed the parent and initiated the investigation. A Sherman Detective took over and immediately arranged for the child to be interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center. Following the child’s detailed outcry, the Detective traveled to Dallas and located Palacios as he was reporting to his parole officer. Palacios was on parole after being released from prison the crime of on-line solicitation of a minor in 2015 from Grayson County. During the interview with the detective, Palacios admitted to engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with the child. The SPD detective then obtained records from a treatment provider which was part of his parole. The detective located statements made by Palacios wherein he admitted to sexually abusing the child in question on several occasion back in 2013.

“We cannot image the courage and strength of this young girl to come forward after the abuse she suffered at the hands of this defendant. The Sherman Police Detective left no stone unturned in his pursuit of justice for this child and her family. This is a textbook example of exactly how a child sexual abuse investigation should be conducted,” said District Attorney Jeremy Wood. District Attorney Brett Smith added, “One cannot put a price on the innocence of a child, however this nearly four decade long sentence sends a message to this defendant and anyone else who sexually abuses a child…….law enforcement in Grayson County will not stop until these offenders are brought to justice.”