SISD starts enrollment amid district transitions

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Sherman ISD is asking for parents to enroll their children early for the 2021-2022 school year. This comes amid significant changes within the district, including the transition to full-day Pre-K classes and a second early education campus.

As transition 2021 continues, the Sherman Independent School District has started enrollment early for the next school year. District officials are asking parents to ensure that their children are enrolled by May 13.

The push for enrollment is part of the district's ongoing transition plans expected to take place throughout the next school year. All relate back to the opening of the new high school which took place in January.

"Every year, our goal is to get as many students enrolled at Sherman ISD as possible in order to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Obviously, this year is different than most years as we have so many transitions going on," SISD Communications Director Kimberly Simpson said. "With all of these moving pieces, it is importance for us to get kids enrolled in Sherman ISD so we can prepare."

 With the opening of the new high school, the district will transition the former campus into a second middle school. This will allow the district to transition out of the intermediate school model back into a three-tier system, which will allow Dillingham to transition into an elementary campus. These changes coincide with the district's transition to full-day pre-school and the opening of a second early education campus.

All of these changes combined have led the district to reevaluate and redraw attendance zones for all of its schools.

Traditionally, the district would do these changes over the course of the summer. However, the scope of these changes have led the district to do this annual task early. This information will help the district determine population numbers, food service needs and ensure that all student information is up-to-date.

As some students are remote learning, Simpson said the district has a captive audience for these early enrollment efforts. The district has even set up challenges for the various campuses to encourage and incentivize the enrollment process, with prizes available for classes and campuses with full early enrollment.

Meanwhile, the district has also started its spring early education enrollment drive. This year will be different, as the district plans to convert Perrin Learning  Center into a second campus. This new campus will increase the capacity of the pre school program and allow for more enrollment this year.

"Fred Douglass will continue to be our early childhood center and Perrin Learning Center will transition to Perrin Early Childhood Center in August," Simpson said.

Simpson said the preschool enrollment takes two steps. The first involves filling out pre-enrollment paperwork, while the finalization will take place starting on May 4.