April showers on their way again

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Shoppers might need a umbrella on Friday but then not again until Tuesday of next week as rain chances come and go with usual spring weather pattern.

The old adage says showers in April help the flowers in May, and if that is true, then we should see some flowers in the coming weeks.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Allison Prater said that showers should return to the area Friday and then again on Tuesday.

Showers expected could be severe and include hail and strong winds. As of print on Thursday, no warnings had been issued related to high winds or thunderstorms.

Those on Tuesday, she said, look to be just showers at this point but it is really too early to tell.

Once the rain ends late Friday, she said temperatures should moderate with highs in the lower 70s on Saturday and then nearing 80 on Sunday.

The highs should stay in the low 80s through Tuesday and then drop back to the lower 70s Wednesday and Thursday before making a run for the 80s again the last part of the week Low temperatures for the week will go no further south than the upper 40s and could climb to the mid to lower 60s Monday and Tuesday.

Prater said the unstable weather pattern is normal for this time of the year and it gets a little tricky to tell exactly how severe storms will get in the long range forecast, but there is a probability that rain chances will cycle into early May.