5 long-time volunteers say goodbye to count livestock show

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show volunteers who recently retired after decades of service were honored by county leaders Tuesday. Pictured from left to right seated are Mary Reed, Aurelia Holcomb, and standing behind them from left to right are Cathy Rains, Martha Mears, and Mary Nan Story.

Some of the women retired last year and some made 2021 the last year, but all five women honored by the Grayson County Commissioners Tuesday have spent decades helping local youths further their pursuit of excellence in activities that ranged from photography to cooking to quilting to cake and pie making.

 Proclamations for the women who have given decades of service to the Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show were approved by the commission.

Commissioner Bart Lawrence participated in 4-H in school and won a cooking contest at Loy Lake back in the day. 

"I do have a soft spot in my heart for the 4-H Program," he said. I had three sisters who were really deeply involved," Lawrence said noting that the programs the women over saw were once referred to as the Women's Building competitions. 

"I do appreciate what you all have done over time," he added saying that it was nice of State Representative Reggie Smith to send the women flags that had flown over the capital.

Grayson County commissioners pose for a photo with volunteers who retired from service at the Texoma Exposition and Livestock show after decades of work.

"That's amazing that you've put that much time and all of those years into the lives of young people," added Lawrence's colleague Grayson County Commissioner Phyllis James of the women. 

Mary Nan Story of Whitesboro retired after 46 years with the Texoma Exposition and Livestock show as treasurer and superintendent of the clothing division.

Aurelia Holcomb and Mary Reed of Gunter had each put in 45 years with the show and recently retired as craft superintendents.

Cathy Rains of Sherman retired from as superintendent after 25 years with the organization.

Martha Mears of Denison also had 25 years with the organization when she recently retired as secretary.

State Representative Reggie Smith's District Director Turner Coulson gave each of the women a rose.

Martha Mears and Aurelia Holcomb over look the cookies and cupcakes that they were treated to after commissioners recognized their years of service to the Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show Tuesday.

He said he had participated in the Texoma Exposition and Livestock show since about he age of eight. "These ladies of course played a major role in everything that I did over there." He said he was delighted to be able to hand each one the flag and a rose given to them by the other board members of the Livestock show Board. 

The women did not speak publicly to the commissioners. At a reception after their appearance in commissioner's court, Mary Nann Story said, 

"It was awesome," she said of the ceremony. "It was totally unexpected to have this kind of recognition of our work although we have some ladies here who have worked a long long time."