GC COVID-19 related deaths climb again

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
The Grayson County Health Department released the news of two additional COVID-19 related deaths of GC residents on Wednesday.

Though local positive cases have dropped off significantly, the number of Grayson County people who have suffered COVID-19 deaths continues to climb.

On Wednesday, the Grayson County Health Department and the Office of Emergency Management released a report that showed two additional COVID-19 related deaths.

Because of the way the state of Texas has chosen to handle death certificates during the pandemic, no information related to when those two people actually died or where the were when they died will be made available. Information provided only acknowledges that the individuals were Grayson County residents who died in Grayson County to be included in the number of local deaths reported by the county. 

In addition to the two new deaths, the county reported three new tests confirmed cases of the virus in the county and an active case load of 41.

Since the pandemic began, 11,166 people have had test-confirmed cases in the county. 

There have been101,975 tests performed for the virus in the county. 

Vaccine doses administered in the county: 51,781.

People vaccinated with at least one dose 33,334.

People fully vaccinated 24,003.

Percentage of population 16 years old or older with at least one dose: 31.

Percentage of Population 16years old or older fully vaccinated: 22.32.

 The data from the state regarding vaccines administered is often delayed by a week or more.

Grayson County population 65 and older: 24,182.

Grayson County population 16-64 with a medical condition: 40,58.

Grayson County population 16 and older: 107,521.