Good Morning: A weight off of my shoulders

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

I got a haircut on Saturday. Under normal circumstances, I would never be writing about such an innocuous event that is just as regular as everyday life. However, the last year has been anything but normal.

One of the big things that I feel has come out of the pandemic is that many of the everyday and routine parts of life can no longer be taken of granted. It makes those moments stand out all the more.

While I did get my hair cut last year, it has been all but a full year since I've had it cut. I know several friends who went the home trim route, but my household took that option off the table.

Instead, I grew my hair out into a mane of dark brown hair. It certainly isn't the longest I've had my hair, but it was quickly approaching it. 

Following my last trim, I promised myself that I would hold off from another haircut until I could feel safe and comfortable doing it. For that to happen, the situation with the pandemic would need to improve drastically, or I would need to have received my vaccination.

It was the latter that ultimately led me to feel comfortable going and getting my haircut for the first time in nearly a year. I received the single-shot vaccine about two weeks ago, and I finally felt comfortable venturing out.

The barber shop was fairly slow when I arrived Saturday. I think they were still working mostly on appointments.

I chatted briefly with my barber in what honestly was one of the most relaxed conversations I've had in months. She said I was fortunate in that I was one of the fortunate people who could get away with wearing their hair long or short. These little talks, although brief, reminded me how much I've missed these little conversations with people.

After about 20 minutes, I felt like I was a few pounds lighter and a weight had been taken off my shoulders both literally and figuratively. Aside from making my look spiffy, the haircut did a lot for my mental health in that it was a return to normal.

I understand why so many people have been craving this return to normality. In many ways, you don't miss these kinds of things until they are gone. I still feel like the return should and will be a gradual process that shouldn't be rushed. However, I feel this represents a step forward in getting past these darker days.