Sherman ISD steps up during snow storm

SISD Superintendent Dr. David Hicks was one of many who volunteered to help.

The snow storm that hit Texas in February left communities in peril. Schools were forced to close for at least a week, leaving many members of the Sherman community at a loss as to what to do for food and water. It didn’t take long for citizens to jump at the opportunity to help Sherman ISD students.

In a span of 24 hours, School Board member Wendy Vellotti and Sherman realtor Amanda Phillips, teamed up to coordinate a food distribution drive-thru for district families.

“I had become overwhelmed with reading parent's social media posts about needing things that the stores didn't have or they couldn't leave their homes to get,” explained Phillips. 

School Board member Wendy Vellotti

She reached out to Sherman city councilman Shawn Teamann and asked if they could plan a food distribution line for students in conjunction with the 903 Brewers canned water pickup. Phillips reached out to Vellotti and she was immediately onboard, followed by Superintendent Dr. David Hicks who was enthusiastic to hear about their efforts.  

They would divide and conquer, contacting local businesses and community leaders to contribute to the food drive. Within a few hours they had raised several thousand dollars in donations and several hundred boxes of food from the Salvation Army and Grand Central Station food pantry. The money donated was used at every grocery store in town to purchase milk, eggs and bread in whatever capacity the store would allow.  

“Anyone I asked immediately said, how can I help?  It makes you love Sherman even more, knowing when a crisis hits, the citizens are more than willing to step up,” said Phillips.

Volunteers within SISD answered the call to help pass out food to students.

That Friday, they were able to provide for over 400 families boxes of non-perishable items, in addition to milk, cereal, eggs and a loaf of bread. “Dr. Hicks encouraged the idea when we approached him, we knew how busy he and the rest of the city leaders were, so we felt compelled to help,” explained Vellotti. “As a parent myself, I couldn’t help but to think of all the parents in need.” 

Velotti reached out to Tyson to make sure volunteers had a thank you lunch for their efforts. She soon found SunnyD volunteering to provide drinks. After handing out the boxed meals, they provided over 1300 individual hot meals the next day.  

“We know how food-dependent the students in our district were. We just wanted to help, it’s what we do in our community, look out for one another,” said Vellotti. “I couldn’t sit still either knowing we could do something, and I knew we could count on Sherman.”

Thank you to all of our community partners and volunteers, including:

City of Sherman

Meals on Wheels





903 Brewers

Jennifer Shelby

Jennifer Bossen

Brandi Mitchell

Krisha Martin

Kristen Waller

Neblett principal, Mr. Santos Flores