TAPS offers free trips for COVID-19 vaccinations

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
TAPS announced this week that it will be offering free transportation for riders going to COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

As Texas prepares to open COVID-19 vaccinations for more of the public next week, TAPS Public Transit is looking at ways to help people get there. The public transit agency announced plans Friday to provide free transportation for people going to vaccination appointments.

Starting Monday, Texas will open COVID-19 vaccinations to all adults across the state. With this change, many transit agencies, including TAPS, are offering special services to help people get access to the vaccine.

"Right now we just want to make sure people have rides to get their vaccinations so that we can be done with COVID," TAPS Interim General Manager Shellie White said.

To date, TAPS has given transportation to 41 people who were going to be vaccinated. With the free service, White said she was uncertain what kind of demand TAPS would see. However, she said she does not expect any service interruptions for regular business.

"We still want to be able to get our regular riders where they need to go, and we are not expecting an overload," White said.

Due to the nature of the vaccinations, TAPS is waiving its normal 48-hour notice rule for vaccination appointments. TAPS will not be able to accommodate drive-thru testing or vaccinations.

TAPS representatives are asking riders to call to schedule a ride as soon as they make the vaccination appointment. The rides will be scheduled to capacity, so it is important to give as much notice as possible.

For more information, or to book a trip, please visit www.tapsbus.com or call 844-603-6048.