Meet the candidates: Arrington hopes to bring firefighter perspective to Denison City Council

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Kevin Arrington

Former Denison firefighter Kevin Arrington hopes to bring a focus on public safety and employees to the table if he is elected to the city's city council. Arrington is one of two candidates that is vying for the Place 2 seat on the council during the upcoming May 1 elections.

Arrington will face off against James Thorne who has also filed to run for the seat. Obie Greenleaf currently holds the seat, but he is not seeking reelection. In addition to the council race, three candidates have also filed to run for mayor.

Arrington previously worked for the city of Denison as a firefighter and paramedic for 11 years, but recently took a position with the Trophy Club Fire Department out of a desire for better opportunities, he said.

During his time in Denison, Arrington became both a property and business owner when he bought a building in downtown. The building was converted into what is now the Old Firehouse Gym.

"When I first started working in Denison, I bought a downtown building and opened up a gym," he said. "So we've been a long standing part of the community, essentially."

Arrington initially did not plan to run for public office. The idea came from the suggestion of multiple people who felt like he would be a good representative for the community, he said.

"I at first didn't consider it at all, but then I had one person reach out and another reach out," he said, adding that he decided to run four months ago. "I wondered why everyone wanted me to run for the council."

If elected, Arrington said he wanted to push for Denison  to become a safer community, with an increased focus on civil services and employees, which he said he feels have been a lesser priority in recent years.

"We've built these parks and done all these things to get people here, but a lot of people feel that the people who are here are not getting taken care of," he said.

Other focuses include acting as a advocate for civil service, with a focus on police and fire employees.

"As a firefighter and paramedic, I've seen the good, the bad and everything with the city. I've seen the inner workings of the city, seen how businesses have to deal with the city, how citizens have to deal with the city. I've got a perspective all around," he said.