Cernero hopes to hiring teachers, reduce classroom size on Sherman school board

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Adam Cernero

Adam Cernero hopes to increase one-on-one time between teacher and student if he is elected to the Sherman Independent School District Board of Trustees. Cernero is one of two candidates vying for a single seat on the board that will be up for grabs during the May 1 election cycle.

Cernero will face off against Calvin Holland for the Place 2 seat on the board, which is currently held by Justin Dobbs. Dobbs is not seeking reelection this cycle.

"Over time, the district has produced leaders and achievers and I think that should continue as the district pursues such goals as improving facilities and working toward better capacity ratios for students and teachers," Cernero said. "I'm really passionate about being a part of that process."

Cernero described himself as a third generation Shermanite and parent of two who currently works as a project manager with Cigna. Outside of his day job, Cernero also has served as a member of the parent-teacher association, including the Dad's program at Sherman High School.

Through the program, many fathers of students at the school become more involved as a way of being role models for the students, especially those who may not have a father figure in their lives.

"The idea behind that is for a lot of the dads of students at the school to have a presence on campus," he said.

Beyond the PTA, Cernero also has worked extensively with Sherman Youth Sports, including a term on the group's board of directors from 2018 to 2020.

One of Cernero's primary goals will be to decrease the ratio of students to teachers. In doing so, Cernero said he hopes to create an atmosphere where teachers have more time for each individual student. Cernero said the idea came partially from his wife, who previously served as a teacher in the district.

One of the most straight forward ways to achieve this goal is building new campuses. Beyond new construction, Cernero said the district could use renovation projects to better make use of space at existing campuses.

"We are taking a step in the right direction with our new campus and high school," he said. One of the main concerns our parents, teachers and students, frankly, had with our old high school was how crowded the campus seemed, even in the hallways."

Other goals include the hiring of new teachers to further decrease the ratio.