Army National Guard to conduct training exercises at NTRA

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Soldiers of the 1-143rd Battalion of the Texas Army National Guard prepare for a simulated night seizure of North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field in 2018.

Military training will return to North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field, albeit for one night. The Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority announced Thursday that members of the Texas National Guard will conduct a training exercise at the former air base on March 19.

NTRA Airport Manager Mike Livezey said he was approached by members of the 143rd Infantry Regiment of the Texas National Guard about possible training exercises about two months ago.

"It has been confirmed that they want to do a training exercise here at the airport," Livezey said. "They've done this in the past."

Livezey said the training would follow previous airborne training and would feature about 300 paratroopers conducting a simulated airport seizure. Throughout the evening, the soldiers would conduct several exercises to simulate the seizure.

Livezey and members of the RMA said that blank rounds could be used during the exercise. As such, he planned to send out notices to let make the public aware of what would be going on. Livezey said the airport would also coordinate with local law enforcement with regard to the exercises.

The airport itself will likely close around 7 p.m. for the exercises and would open up at 7 a.m. the next day.