Sherman leaders react to February's winter storms

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat

As the region continues to recover following February's unprecedented winter storms, members of the Sherman City Council are speak out about assistance efforts and the steps needed to approach full recovery. During Monday's city council meeting, may council members took the opportunity during council comments to speak at length regarding the storms.

Josh Stevenson

Josh Stevenson — "I remember spending a week camped out in KXII's live van when the water went over the Lake Texoma Spillway because that was a once in 100-years event and it has gone over two times since then. So, the fact that maybe this cold snap was a once in 100-years event isn't something I am going to put a lot of stock in. I would like for the city to explore how we can be independent of any outside federal agency or statewide agency when it comes to creating electricity to run our utilities, which is water."

Shawn Teamann

Shawn Teamann — "The city staff, team, all across the board — I saw team work. I saw people working 24/7 I was calling Robby at 11 o'clock at night. Every department changed gears to focus on helping whether it was water and restoring services, communicating ... I was just overwhelmed watching the entire team work as a unit and that does not go unnoticed."

"I saw people buying refrigerators for people, loaning generators, delivering water and food and creating volunteer opportunities to help cook ... you don't see that everywhere."

Daron Holland

Daron Holland — "I say if we can become a city that can take care of its own water treatment system so that we don't have that problem and get the generators  and get where we need to be move forward, I am all for that."

"With what we worked with, it was awesome for the entire city. I can't say enough about how everybody pitched in."

Pam Howeth

Pam Howeth —"I do think our social media helped a great deal. I personally had 111 friend requests over the week. Word I guess got out that Pam Howeth was doing nothing but sitting on Facebook and on Twitter and answering questions and that was at 2 o'clock in the morning and they provided me with information."

"Our people were were working, trying to come up with — and I did use the term that they were MacGuyvering. I had visions of our employees out there with blow dryers, trying to blow dry the pipes so we could get the water to you."

Sandra Melton

Sandra Melton — "I really, really appreciated getting to know our employees up close and personal. I hated that we had to have this happen to meet new people and go out and visit our citizens, but I loved the fact that we can do that, that we could have that opportunity. It felt like a family and I know that some of the employees were brand new, but happy to help."