Eastern District says beware of disaster scammers

staff reports
The Eastern District of Texas is warning people to be aware of those who may be trying to take advantage of people as Texas works through relief efforts following the winter storms that wreaked havoc on the region last week.

After last week's winter storms, Texans have been looking for relief and the Eastern District of Texas has acknowledged that as relief efforts continue, individuals may be looking to take advantage of people seeking that relief.

In a news release issued this week, the federal court has warned individuals to be aware fo potential fraud and fraudsters. 

"As Texas suffers from historic freezing and resulting property damage from ice and burst pipes, it is likely that individuals will seek to fraudulently profit from the attendant stress," the release said.

Without the help of a natural disaster and declared state of emergency, millions of people are victims of scams annually, the release said.

“Fraudsters often appear from nowhere to take advantage of natural disasters, which is what occurred in the early days of the pandemic.  Now, we are concerned that weary homeowners will fall prey to unsolicited calls regarding insurance claims, home warranties, or bogus government grants” said acting U.S. Attorney Nicholas J. Ganjei in the release.  “If you did not solicit the call, hang up.”