Denison partners with Boys and Girls Club for softball

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat

As the spring sports season approaches, the city of Denison will be contract out services for one of its major sports leagues.

The city announced last week that it will be contracting out with the Boys and Girls Club of Dension for its girls softball league.

"Collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Denison will keep with the established quality of Denison softball and maintain the City's mission of delivering service that enhances our community," said Justin Eastwood, director of Denison Parks and Recreation.

The decision to outsource its sports programs comes amid national trends to move these services away from parks and recreation and into more specialized and focused organizations.

"Outsourcing leagues has become something of an industry standard in parks and recreation," Eastwood said. "It gives groups that have that expertise the focus on the sport when parks and rec. can help facilitate a platform."

This change will put the softball program is a similar model to other city sports. The city already has agreements in place with the Texoma Soccer Association, Liga Adult Soccer, and Denison Little League. Through these agreements, Eastwood said both organizations benefit as they are able to make use of mutual resources.

This is the first agreement that the city has with the Boys and Girls Club for sports programs. However, Eastwood said that conversations continue to take place, and an expansion of this arrangement could be possible in the future.

"We are in a pretty good conversation with the Boys and Girls Club because they do recreational services within the city," he said.