Sherman ISD Celebrates 100th day of school


Sherman ISD students are 100 days smarter and older as they celebrate the milestone of reaching the 100th day of school. SISD campuses marked the special day, noting that students are 100 days brighter with various fun activities that emphasized the number 100, including dressing up as 100-year-olds, working on math problems directly related to the number 100, and designing and wearing hats commemorating the 100th day. Teachers joined in on the fun and emphasized the importance of making it to the 100th day of school and continuing academic excellence by attending school in-person or virtually every day.

Fred Douglass ECC students aged dramatically while enjoying their 100th day of school with teachers.
Mrs. Ervin’s class at Fairview Elementary were thrilled to commemorate being 100 days smarter, 100 days brighter, and 100 days full of school spirit.
Mrs. King’s class is excited to be 100 days smarter at Sory Elementary!
At Wakefield Elementary, Mrs. Payne’s class takes a break from their 100-day activities.
Students incorporated Valentine’s Day into the 100th day of school by writing positive messages to one another.
Washington Elementary students jumped 100 times, created a 100 cup tower and painted in honor of their 100th day of school.