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GC COVID-19 numbers inching back in wrong direction

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Grayson County's active COVID-19 case chart for Jan. 26, 2021.

After a few days of heading in the right direction, Grayson County's COVID-19 statistics took a slight turn on Tuesday.

A report released Tuesday by the Grayson County Health Department and the Office of Emergency Management said there were 136 new cases of the virus test confirmed. That is more than the county reported for all three days of the last weekend. On Tuesday the active case count was 394 which was up from 3139 on the day before.

On the bright side, the number of local people in a local ICU bed with COVID-19 dropped on Tuesday. It has been 35.62 percent and it was 28 percent on Tuesday. The total ICU occupancy was 97.50 percent on Monday and 87.40 percent on Tuesday. The total hospital occupancy on Monday was 89.36 percent on Monday and 92.09 on Tuesday. The percentage of that number with COVID-19 was 13.15 percent on Monday and 13.54 percent on Tuesday.

The regional percentage of hospital occupancy with COVID-19 was 21.0 percent on Monday and 21.83 percent on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Sherman had 183 of the active cases. The city has seen 4,155 active cases since the pandemic began.

Denison has 78 active cases and has seen 2.042 since the pandemic began. Van Alstyne has 26 active cases and has had 587 cases since the pandemic began. Pottsboro has 25 active cases and has had 493 total. Howe has 22 active cases and has had 381 cases since the pandemic began. Whitesboro has 14 cases and has had 542 since the pandemic began. Gunter has 11 cases and has had 256 cases since the pandemic began. Whitewright has nine cases and has had 249 since the pandemic began. Collinsville has six cases and has had 195 cases to date. Bells has five cases Tuesday and has had 229 cases to date. Gordonville has four cases and has had 102 cases to date. Sadler also has four cases and has had 94 cases to date. Knollwood has three cases and has had 53 to date. Tom Bean also has three cases and has had 54 to date. Tioga has one case and has had 79 to date.

Of all of those who have been confirmed to have had the illness, 5.052 have been female and 4,472 have been male. 

A tweet from the Grayson County Office of Emergency Management Tuesday said that 7,090 people in the county have had at least one dose of vaccine. It said 1,308 people have been fully vaccinated, or received both doses of the shot, against the illness and that the information about vaccines administered  available on the state's website is often delayed by a week or more.