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New assistant district attorney takes over in CCAL 2

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Matthew McCready joins the Grayson County District Attorney's Office.

Grayson County's team of prosecutors has added a new face. Matthew McCready is originally from Whitehall Township Pennsylvania which is a suburb of Allentown in Lehigh County and had around 26,000 people back in 2010. He graduated from Whitehall High School in 2003, 

So what brought him to Grayson County Texas? 

After attending two years of college at Penn State, he met a girl, fell in love, married her and moved with to Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, he went to OU for a year but he lived about an hour away from Norman and was commuting so he decided to go to East Central University in Ada. Then, it was off to Oklahoma City University Law School where he graduated in 2013.

While in law school, he worked for the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office as an intern.

"I was basically helping prosecute cases as an attorney — take pleas and do hearings," McCready said. Then when he graduated from law school, he went to work for the office.

"Because I knew going into law school that I wanted to be a prosecutor. That's the reason I went to law school," he explained.

So he stayed there prosecuting cases until January of 2016 when he left to go to work for Liberty Mutual Insurance representing their clients in court cases.

He kept that job until November of 2020 when he decided he was heading back into prosecuting.

"I had missed it. It was like this pull that was inside of me. For a long time I had wanted to go back to prosecuting," he said.

He had remarried and moved to Texas and was looking for a prosecutor's position when COVID-19 hit and job searching slowed way down.

"I had been looking for almost a year for a prosecutor position," he said.

And he found one at Grayson County where he will be prosecuting misdemeanors including domestic violence cases, driving while intoxicated cases and small theft cases. 

He is enjoying getting back into the courtroom and fighting for victims, but he is also enjoying his more rural commute. He grew up on a farm and had been living in Plano but has called Grayson County home now for about four months. 

"On the commute in, it's pastures and you see the sun coming up and the bright colors and on the frosty mornings, you will see the steam coming up off pastures. It's nature and it's beautiful and it beats the heck out of four lanes of highway."