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Active COVID-19 cases trend down but deaths up

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Grayson County's active COVID-19 case chart for Jan. 18, 2021.

Grayson county was reporting 216 COVID-19 related deaths on Thursday, but by Monday, that number had risen to 230 such deaths. 

On Saturday, a report released by the Grayson County Health Department and Office of Emergency Management revealed, the county had 75 new COVID-19 cases and an active case total of 760. By Sunday, there were 38 new cases and an active case total of 798. The county also reported two deaths that day.

Then on Monday, the county reported the deaths were up from 218 on Sunday to 230 and the number of new cases was 104, but the new active case total had dropped to 498.

Since the pandemic began, 8,983 people have been confirmed to suffer from it and more than 70,700 tests have been given in the county.

On Monday, the county's ICU capacity was back at 100 percent and 35.44 of those cases were COVID-19 related. The total occupancy for hospitals in Grayson County on Monday was 89.82 percent and 21.26 percent of those patients had COVID-19. The regional hospital capacity with COVID-19 was 24.24 percent on Monday.

Sherman had the largest number of cases on Monday with 230. Denison had 93 and Pottsboro had 30. Van Alstyne had 28 and Whitesboro had 19. Bells had 16 and Howe had 14. Whitewright had 12 and Gunter had 11. Gordonville and Collinsville each had ten and Sadler had seven. Tioga and Tom Bean each had six and Knollwood had five. Southmayd had one. There are still three COVID-19 positive inmates in the Grayson County Jail System.

The report stated that at least 5,000 people in the county have had at least one dose of a vaccine for the virus, though that number is thought to be low because the state numbers are lagging. 

A different report from the Grayson County Health Department previously published in the Herald Democrat said the vaccines are being given to those at highest risk first. These include frontline health and care workers, older adults, and those people at high risk of death because of underlying conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

"If you are in Groups 1A and Groups 1B (as defined by DSHS on their website) please register to be on the Grayson County Health Department WAITING LIST at It is recommended that you obtain the vaccine from your primary care physician, if available there, or through your retail pharmacy. Don’t wait for a dose to become available through the Grayson County Health Department if the vaccine becomes available to you at another distribution point, the report stated."

While some local medical care providers have received some vaccine, they have also dispensed according to state guidance on who to give it to at this time. 

Grayson County Office of Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers said the best way to get the vaccine is to sign up on waiting list at the site below: the

 Somers said as more vaccine arrives in the county, her office will work with local providers to coordinate the effort to get more shots in arms quickly. Those who have received the first dose of a vaccine, she said, should expect to be hearing from someone about setting up that second dose. "

She said the public will be made aware when local providers have additional first doses.

"What's happening is people, their is staff is being inundated just in phone calls so it is gettting in the way of regular pharmacy business," Somers said.