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New Sherman Police station plans begin to take shape

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Early concept plans show the proposed layout of the new Sherman Police Station

Visions and plans for Sherman's new police station and headquarters are beginning to take shape.  City officials are expected to present conceptual plans Tuesday for the new $14 million police station, which could situate the department for to serve the Sherman of the 21st century.

Documents for Tuesday's meeting show the early conceptual designs for the station, which will sit on 10 acres of land on along Northgate Drive. Designs show that the building is projected to be about 27,400 square feet in size 

Current plans call for the project to enter the construction phase some time in late 2021 and be completed in early 2023.

As a part of the conceptual phase, officials toured other departments, including College Station, Prosper and Richardson, among others.

The new police station has been a focus for the department since mid 2019 when department officials started presenting early conceptual work and estimates to the city council.

Officials at the time said the new station was needed to address space concerns as the department continues to grow alongside the city itself. The current. station isn't able to meet this need, and carries challenges due it its location.

If the department is moved to a new location, this would free up the existing station for use by other city staff. Officials early on said one of the potential uses was for fire department administration, which would allow the current fire headquarters to transition back into a traditional fire station.

The council will consider these plans, among other items when it meets at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Sherman Municipal Ballroom.