$952K worth of equipment purchases approved for Sherman

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
The city council recently approved  nearly $952,000 for the purchase of new vehicles and heavy machinery.

Sherman continued a trend of capital purchases this week as the City Council approved nearly $952,000 in new vehicle and equipment purchases.

The series of purchases, which include new service vehicles and heavy machinery represent the latest in a slate of purchases in recent months with the start of the new fiscal year and the new budget.

Traditionally the city will make these major purchases in the first few meetings of the new fiscal year.

The latest slate of purchases are split between the utility, street repair and solid waste departments. In some cases, these equipment purchases are meant to replace equipment that is nearly 20 years old.

The council agreed to purchase a new dump truck for the utility department at a cost of $125,993.

The Street department is also slated to receive a similar truck at the same cost. This will replace a 2000 truck that has been in city service.

The largest recipient of new equipment is the street maintenance department, which accounted for six of the nine purchases. In addition to the truck, the department will also receive two other piece of equipment that will update outdated pieces. 

The recent approvals included $112,942 and $128,232 for the purchase of a chipper truck and bucket truck. This will replace equipment from 2002 and 1999, respectively.

A new $84,000 box blade will allow the city to stop renting similar equipment and could lead to cost savings in the process.

The solid waste department was approved for the purchase of a Frontier Front Loader Body and an Autocart Xpeditor Chassis.  In total these two pieces of equipment are valued at nearly $205,000.