Sunday will bring cold precipitation, form is uncertain at this time

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
A man fishes at an area lake in 2019. Cold and wet weather may be in the in the forecast this weekend.

Those who have not already unpacked their winter coats and hats might want to get after that before this weekend. National Weather Service Meteorologist Monique Sellers said the forecast should become more clear as the weekend gets closer.

Right now, she said, it is hard to tell if the cold air and precipitation headed to North Texas will arrive at the same time. If it does, we could see some snow. If not, we will see very cold rain. 

She said the colder weather has already come into the area and isn't expected to leave until about the middle of next week. On Friday, the area should expect to see some sunshine, but the high temperature will stay around 47 degrees. Then Friday night, the area will dip below freezing to 30 degrees with a northeast wind at around 5 mph. 

Saturday will not be a great day to go out and take down those Christmas lights, though it might look like it from inside. The sun will be shining, the high temperatures will remain around 47 degrees with an east, northeast wind at around 5 mph.

Saturday night, the low will drop till around 32 degrees and that east, northeast wind will increase between 5 and 10 mph. 

Right now, the forecast calls for a slight chance of rain and snow on Sunday but Sellers said it is still too far out to really tell which areas are likely to see what kind of precipitation. The high is expected to be in the 40s, so, Sellers said, they are not anticipating any kind of icy conditions to form. 

Sunday night, the low will go back down to around 30 but the precipitation should have stopped by then. Monday's high stays in the middle 40s, but Tuesday brings the 50s back to the area.