9 more COVID-19 deaths in GC reported

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Grayson County COVID-19 active case count chart for Jan. 4, 2021.

Grayson County reported nine new COVID-19 related deaths Monday bringing the total county residents lost to the disease to 190. Because of the way the state of Texas is handling death certificates, it is not possible to easily ascertain when those people died or any other biographical information about them.

In addition to the new deaths, the county released information showing the active case load in the county surged over the weekend just shy of 700 cases before falling back into the 350 range by Monday.

A report released by the Grayson County Health Department and the GC Office of Emergency Management shows that on Friday, there were 93 new cases and an active case number of 513. On Saturday, there were 84 new cases and an active case number of 597. On Sunday, there were 94 new cases and the case load rose to 691. Then on Monday, there were 105 new cases but the active case number dropped to 356. That was also the day on which the county reported the nine new deaths.

So far, since the pandemic began, 7,143 people have been confirmed to have had the illness. There have been more than 60,800 tests given in the county. 

On Monday, the county's ICU occupancy was at 100 percent. Of those patients, 44.05 percent were COVID-19 cases. The local hospital occupancy in Grayson County on Monday was at 91.99 percent and 24.58 percent of that was COVID-19 patients. The regional hospital capacity with COVID-19 was 24.65 percent on Monday.

The breakdown of where those active cases were on Monday was as follows:

Sherman with 157 cases; Denison with 76 cases; Whitesboro with 31 cases; Van Alstyne with 23 cases; Howe with 17 cases; Pottsboro with 14 cases; Whitewright with nine cases; Bells had six cases; Gunter and Tioga had five cases each; Collinsville had four cases; Gordonville had three cases; and Knollwood, Sadler and Tom Bean had two cases each.

There are two COVID-19 positive patients at the Grayson County Jail. And there are two COVID-19 positive detainees isolated at the Grayson County Juvenile Detention facility. 

So far, 3,787 of the people to have been confirmed to have had the illness have been female and 3,356 have been male. 

The age group with the highest number of confirmed cases is those in their 20s with 1,129 closely followed by those in their 30s with 1,123 cases and people in their 40s with 1,109. There have been 1,060 cases reported in people in their 50s and 926 of people from birth to 19 years old. There have been 905 cases in people in their 60s. There have been There have been 554 cases of people in their 70s and 337 of people 80 years old or older.

At least 1,840 people in Grayson County have received one dose of the vaccine for the disease. The state numbers on that have been delayed according to the Grayson County report. There are local providers who have the vaccine but they are dispensing it in line with government criteria for those populations who are expected to receive the vaccines first. 

The report said people are still strongly encouraged to wear masks when out in public, stay home when sick, wash their hands frequently, avoid touching their faces, and monitor themselves and their immediate family members for signs of the illness. If those signs exist, people are advised to get tested and consider themselves quarantined until they get the results of those test. If positive, they should follow the health care advice given with the results of the test including remaining in quarantine for the appropriate amount of time to help stop the spread of the illness.