Commissioners to keep first 2021 meeting short

Herald Democrat
Grayson County commissioners face a short agenda for their first meeting of the new year.

Grayson County commissioners are going to start the new year off with a quick meeting Tuesday. The meeting's agenda only has a couple of items on it, and one of them is an upgrade for the Sheriff Office's radar trailer.

The commissioners will consider the GCSH's request to spend $1.250 out of seized funds to upgrade the trailer for their radar unit. If approved, the new trailer will come from Trinity Innovative Solutions in Frisco.

In addition, commissioners will consider, authorizing the county judge to sign the first amendment to the South Central Planning and Development Commission agreement in order to add Development Planning software to the current On site sewage facility software platform. If approved, the new software will cost the county $500 a month.

Grayson County commissioners meet at 10 a.m., most Tuesdays of the year at the Grayson County County Courthouse in Sherman. The meeting is also available online at