COVID-19 related deaths surge and cases climb over Christmas weekend

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
COVID-19 active cases graph for Dec. 28, 2020

When Grayson County released its last COVID-19 report before the Christmas holiday on Wednesday evening, the county had lost 159 people to COVID-19 related deaths. By the time the county issued its first reports after the holiday, that number had risen by nine, bringing the total of COVID-19 related deaths to 163.

The number of active cases also surged over the holiday, but took a sharp fall on Monday. On Wednesday, the county had 699 active cases. That number went to 761 on Thursday, then to 783 on Friday, to 802 on Saturday and 817 on Sunday before falling to 394 on Monday with the county reporting 83 new cases for that day.

As of Monday night, 6,512 people in the county have been confirmed to have had the illness. The county reports that there have been 57,560 tests conducted on county residents.

So far, statistics released by the county show the age groups of people in their 20s and 30s are tied for having had the most cases confirmed with 1,022 each. Running a close second is people in their 40s with 1,019. There have been 960 people in their 50s diagnosed with the illness and 845 people from birth to 19 who have been confirmed to have suffered from it. There have been 817 people in their 60s who have had it and 512 people in their 70s. Only 312 people 80 years old or older have been confirmed to have contracted the virus.

On Monday, 97.59 percent of the ICU beds at the hospitals in the county were occupied; 41.98 percent of those were filled with COVID-19 patients.  

The local hospital percentage of patients who had COVID-19 related illness was at 23.67 percent on Monday and the regional hospital capacity with COVID-19 was at 23.36 percent. More than 26,000 Texans have suffered COVID-19 related deaths since the pandemic began.

On Monday,139 of the county's active cases were in Sherman. Ninety of those cases were in Denison. Thirty-three of those cases were in Whitesboro and 23 were in Pottsboro. Howe had 21 cases on Monday and Gunter had 13. Collinsville had 12 cases and Gordonville and Whitewright each had eight. Bells and Sadler each had seven cases, Tioga had three. Knollwood had two cases and Tom Bean had one case on Monday.