SISD increases high school price tag by $195k

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
The SISD Board approved about $195,000 in additions to the construction contract for the new Sherman High School.

As the Sherman Independent School District prepares to move students into its new high school next month, the district is finalizing construction costs.

The SISD Board agreed earlier this month to increase the guaranteed maximum price of the high school by just under $195,000. The price increase relates to three projects that were added or expanded as a part of the district's GMP 4 contract.

The contract included a collection of items that were either expanded during the construction process or were initially expected to be done outside the scope of the district's contract.

The majority of the expense relates to additional and enhanced camera, data and power that will be installed in the school as a security measure.

"This came after recently reviewing all the cameras we originally specified for the school, which was two years ago," said Tyson Bennett, SISD assistant superintendent of finance and operations. "Cameras are the one thing in a building that change so fast."

The change to the GMP includes just over $130,000 in expenses related to the camera system.

During a review of the camera system, it was determined that newer models than those that were originally built into the contract could be used at the school. The review also found spots within the campus where additional video coverage was needed.

These changes to the camera also required additional power service to the equipment, Bennett said.

An additional $48,000 has been added to the contract for expenses related to the initial waxing of the school's floors. Bennett said the district initially planned to do this work in house with district resources. 

"We do waxing during breaks and during the summer, but that first time needs to be five layers," he said.

However, the district has since found that there are cost savings by bundling this with the contract.

"What we figured out is that we are able to get best value by utilizing the same contract of the people who are doing final cleaning to do the waxing," Bennett said.

The final expense that was added to the contract was for about $16,500 relating to lettering and striping on the marching band pad. This will include branding specific for the school and the band program itself, which will now be overseen by construction manager Cadence McShane.