Little ones writing to the big man in red

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Here is a letter from a girl named Anna.
Cord's letter to Santa asks for eight things

Thursday afternoon there was a very familiar looking fellow walking around the square in Sherman. He had on black boot, a scarlet red suit with white trim. He stopped at the corner of Houston and Travis streets to take a selfie with a woman who had noticed him walking around the square.

The Herald Democrat can't confirm for sure that this guy in red was there checking on the letters in the Santa's mailbox on square, but we can't say he wasn't either. 

We did check with the folks at Sherman Tourism and they gave us some of the cutest of the letters in the box on the square to share with our readers. 

Some of the letters are just the usual fare of children asking Santa to bring them the latest dolls, cars, or bikes. Others were a bit more unusual. One bright young mind even sweetened the deal with a present hand made for the big guy in red himself.

Two youngsters in the letters we read got right down to business and asked for cash for Christmas. One put the amount at a round million. 

Others asked about Mrs. Claus and the elves. Still others reported on the activities of the elves that live in their homes during the Christmas season. Regardless of their particular wishes, each wanted to make sure the guy in red stopped by their homes on Christmas Eve. 

Garron's letter to Santa was among those in the box on the square in Sherman.
This little one drew Santa a photo to go with her letter.
This youngster asked for a little green to go with their red this holiday season.
The guy in the big red suit stopped to take a photo with an unidentified woman on the square in Sherman on Thursday.
Mimi's baby was kind enough to ask for a little money for Mimi along with the toys from Santa.
Peyton's letter was decorated with bright red and white stripes.
This envelope shows a lot of Christmas spirit and cheer on its way to Santa with special requests for a local child.