After 15 years, GC Assistant DA retires

By Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith poses with Assistant District Attorney Bi Hunt and an award she was given by the Sherman Elks Lodge in this 2019 file photo

Grayson County Commissioners helped the District Attorney's Office send off long-term employee this week. Assistant Grayson County District Attorney Bi Hunt will retire at the end of this month.

Hunt has been with the D.A.'s Office for 15 years as a prosecutor. She has worked with two district attorneys and one interim DA. She is leaving at the end of one of her biggest years yet.

Bi Hunt, on the left, talks with Kathryn Scheibmeir during a break in a trial in this 2019 file photo.

Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith said she obtained three life sentences in a year that was anything but normal as far as court proceedings go. She worked two murder trials and an aggravated sexual assault case. The sexual assault case ended as a plea but still got a life sentence.

In a story previously published in Grayson Magazine, Hunt said she graduated from Texas Tech University both as and undergrad for law school. She also graduated from high school at the International School of Bangkok Thailand.

Bi Hunt

 "Bi has rendered distinguished service to the citizens of Grayson County," said the proclamation the commissioners  read of Hunt. Her boss said she has been the kind of employee who was often still at her desk working at night when he left the office and who cared deeply about the victims of the cases she prosecuted.  

In a phone call after the meeting, Hunt said she is just taking some time to step back and focus on her family for right now. She has been doing the same kinds of cases for many years and she just felt it was time to step away from that.

Bi Hunt in her office at the Grayson County District Attorney's Office in 2018.

However, she said, her children are here in Grayson County and this remains their home so she plans, over all to stay in this area. 

At the meeting, Terry Dunn, who is also retiring, was also recognized.

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