COVID-19 isn't robbing holiday spirit at GC Holiday Lights

Staff reports
This Santa is one of a number of new displays at the 20th annual Grayson County Holiday Lights event at Loy Park in Denison. The display is open through Dec. 27.

The COVID-19 Grinch might be spoiling a lot of holiday festivities, but one that it hasn't affected the turn out for is Grayson County's Holiday Lights.

GC Elf Services Supervisor Jodi Platt, otherwise known as the county's purchasing agent, said the traffic through the lights so far this year has been terrific. 

"We are getting several compliments this year. New displays are fun and a nice change.  Volunteers have been amazing!," she said.

The lines can be long on the weekends, for that reason, she said, the weekday evenings are the best time to drive through the display. 

If you are going to go on the weekend, go as early as possible. 

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the warm hearted and kind folks who volunteer to take up donations at the end of the drive are not able to give sweet treats to those who stop to drop a little something in that bright red bucket used to scoop up the love that keeps the display going year after year. But, the head elf said everyone is understanding the need for the temporary change.

 "When I volunteered on opening night, I had a car come through and the person was so thankful to donate. He said it was amazing and this was his first year to be able to donate," Plat said.

She continued, "I am so thankful for the Lights. It’s a lot of work but it brings so much joy to people near and far. Also, as a reminder to everyone, please be patient as you drive through the Lights. We all want to see every detail." 

Platt said the committee behind the lights is so thankful for all of the donations that have been made so far this year and the ones that will be made before the display closes on Dec. 27th.Those donations pay to keep the lights going every year including the electric bill, maintenance before, during and after the show and the security to keep everyone safe during the run. Anything left over is used to replace displays as needed. 

The lights go on at 5:45 p.m. and stay on till 10 p.m. nightly between now and December 27th weather permitting. The only weather that has ever closed it was icy road conditions. To get to the lights, exit Crawford Street off of U.S. Highway 75 and take the south access road to the lighted entrance. 

The train shown here is one of the newest displays at Grayson County Holiday Lights this year.