45 years, 34 years, others; Grayson County honors long serving employees

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Property Tax Specialist Virginia Hughes addresses Grayson County commissioners during a past meeting of the group. She was recognized for serving the county for 40 years on Nov. 24.

Grayson County commissioners Tuesday recognized some county employees for long term service.

"We've got a great team here at Grayson County," County Judge Bill Magers said before calling out a few of the many county employees recognized this year for longevity with the county. 

Generally each year, the county holds an awards luncheon and recognizes employees who have served at the county level for more than five years. The awards are given out in five-year increments.COVID-19 prevented that this year and individual department heads, Magers said, are honoring their employees in smaller gatherings. 

This year, the longest serving member county staffer recognized was Virginia Hughes. Hughes now works in the Grayson County Tax Assessor Collector's Office but served for many years as the county's elected treasurer. She has been with the county for 45 years. She was not present at the meeting Tuesday.

David Hawley was recognized Tuesday for 40 years service to Grayson County.

However, the next longest serving member of the county's family of employees was at the meeting. David Hawley is currently an elected Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2 and served with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office for 34 years before retiring in 2014.

"It's been a pleasure," Hawley said when Magers called him up to the front of the East Courtroom at the Grayson County Courthouse on Tuesday. "I have enjoyed every minute of it," Hawley said before adding that he had enjoyed knowing all of the people he has worked with over his long career at the county. 

"I appreciate everything everyone has done for me," he added.

Employees honored for 30 years of service included:

Anita McDoniel

Truett Steele

Kay Behrens

Employees honored for 25 years of service included:

Velvet Allen

Joe Ross

Employees honored for 25 years of service included:

Velvet Allen

Joe Ross

Employees honored for 20 years of service included:

Doyle Roy

Christine Orr

Dwayne Hyepock

Joyce White

Glenna Brockett

Susan Hicks

Destry Hawthorne

Marcy Thurston

Suzette Smith

Employees honored for 15 years of service included:

Tammy Carr

Cynthia Vria

Sherri Bell

Bi Hunt

Deborah Whitney

James Fallon

Stacy Wilson

Rita Noel

Nickie Harrison

Michael Booher

Harvey Smitherman

Sharla Stephenson

Tony Leone

Employees honored for ten years included:

Larry Hazleton

Sherri Robinson

Gina Yancey

Curtis Davis

James Petty

Erin Ingram

Kelly Ashmore

Scott Ford

Jason Graves

Sandra Farley

Andrew Brazie

Suzanne Hawkins

Jami Brown

Employees honored for five  years included:

Tammie Coulston

Roni Hamm

Morgan Penn

Gage Travis

Mike Ditto

Stephen Burns

Craig Price

Elisha Magar

Janet Taylor

Tamara Hayes

Charles Smith

William Magers

Clark Bynum

Stephen Orr

Tara Yarwood

Ethan Farmer

Ethan McClusky

Thomas Bryson

Rodolfo Hernandez

Marinda Owens

William Perkins

Linda Barnett

Sierra Moore

Lewis Proctor.