Salvation Army bell ringers already working to rescue Christmas

Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat
Salvation Army bell ringers are already out and working in Grayson County as part of the organization's Rescue Christmas Campaign

Tom Turkey has yet to have his biggest day of the year, but Salvation Army bell ringers are already hard at work in Grayson County trying to help rescue Christmas.

The Salvation Army dispatched Santa's helpers earlier in the week for the month-and-a-half long campaign.

"We started Tuesday and we will go through Christmas Eve," said Salvation Amy of Grayson County Major Tex Ellis. "We will be adding locations as we get closer to Thanksgiving."

Rescue it from what one might reasonably ask? Well, a lot of things like the economic crunch felt by many local families due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ellis said this year, the Salvation Army has made it easier than ever for people to support this campaign.

For one thing, one no longer needs to dig around in one's pocket for change at the kettle. They can take digital payments. 

"We have Apple Pay and Google Pay," he said.

And for another, one doesn't even need to be out shopping to contribute to the kettle campaign. 

"They can just go to Salvation Army Sherman. org and make a donation," he said. 

But that is not all. This year, people can even set up their own personal red kettle and then invite or challenge their family and friends to contribute as well.

"It's all virtual so there's no contact, no standing outside in the weather," he added. And there is no need to take time off from other obligations to do it. 

Those who want to do the in person, physical job of ringing a bell and wishing folks a Merry Christmas as they contribute to the Salvation Army can sign up, pick their day, time and spot all online again this year.

"Our bell ringers will be equipped with PPE including masks, aprons and gloves. We are sanitizing before and after and during each use if needed," Ellis said.

The overall goal is to make participating in this nearly 130-year-old tradition as easy as possible for as many folks as possible. 

Information on the Salvation Army's national website says, "The Salvation Army assists more than four-and-a-half million people during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time periods," each year.