SISD finalizes some new HS package costs

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
The Sherman Independent School District has approved a series of changes to the guaranteed maximum price for the Sherman High School construction project.

District saves $500K on concrete, adds $300K for graphics package

As work on the new Sherman High School reaches its final stages, district officials are working to finalize the pricing costs for the new campus.

Members of the Sherman Independent School District board of directors approved two changes to the guaranteed maximum price of the school project Monday as the ultimate price tag for the project is becoming clearer. 

The change orders approved by the board encompass the third and fourth building packages for the greater $157.87 million project.

"The third building package is primarily concrete work," said Tyson Bennett, assistant superintendent of finance and operation. "So, we've wrapped  up the majority of building package three, because obviously, almost all of the concrete has been poured."

As the project approaches completion, Bennett said various cost savings and other reductions in expense have come up, and the district is adjusting the scope of the contract to reflect these changes.

Bennett said the district is predicting that the cost of concrete work at the site will be about $500,000 under what was initially included in the primary contract.  

However, this will be offset somewhat by a cost increase to package four related to the school's graphics package. Bennett said the expected cost for this portion of the project is expected to increase by about $365,000

"There was an allowance that was allowed under the graphics package. As we've priced out that  $365,575," SISD Communications Director Kimberly Simpson said the the graphics package will encompass many of the branding efforts used on the interior of the school ranging from the color choices to the signage and identification of the various classrooms.

"It is going to be the visual component  of the campus, so that the students aren't just walking into a blank canvas," Simpson said.

Other aspects of the graphics and branding within the school will include how alumni and other school accomplishments are displayed and recognized throughout the campus.

"We are trying to create a campus with tradition and culture rather than just a new building," Simpson said. "Entering into the building, we want the interior to represent the school and feel like home to students."