Good Morning: Memories of Halloween

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

I think it is practically a universal truth that we all know someone who takes a holiday, any holiday for that matter, very, very seriously.

Some people are very invested in Thanksgiving or Christmas, and any occasion that involves family gatherings. Other really get involved in the revelry and celebrations that come with St. Patrick's Day, for example.

In my case, I grew up with someone who made an art out of celebrating Halloween. For the better part of 15 years, I lived next to a family that celebrated Halloween unlike anyone I've ever seen, and in a way it made them among the most interesting neighbor's I've ever had.

My neighbors were always a little different. The father of the family had a relatively normal career in IT, but on the side and weekends he would moonlight as a pirate musician. So, really being a big fan of Halloween isn't that far off, I suppose.

I can remember preparations for Halloween starting in either late August on September, and he would always spend as much time decorating the house for Halloween as some families do for Halloween, if not more.

Their home would always be decorate from top to bottom, with skulls, skeletons ghouls and ghosts abound in their front yard. However, they would always take it a step further the night of Halloween.

Each year, I remember him using a smoke machine to cover the front yard in a thin layer of fog that only made the scene look even creepier. Creepy music and sound effects were the cherry on top.

When they moved in, I remember we started getting more trick-or-treaters at my house each year. I never could figure out if it was because my neighbor's house attracted them, or if they were too afraid to stop there and decided to go with the next-best thing. 

Happy birthday to Tinishia McGill, David Huntsman and Rodney Ricketts, all of Sherman. Happy anniversary to Rowdy and Jessica Akin of Aubrey, 5 years.