New hangars coming to Sherman Municipal

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
The Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission approved plans for three new hangars at Sherman Municipal Airport

The Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission has cleared new development at Sherman Municipal Airport for takeoff. The commission approved a series of plans and variances that will allow the the city to construct three new hangars along Dewey Avenue.

These requests for additional hangars come amid renewed interest in the airport  and adjacent land in recent years and moves by the city to enhance and increase its offerings.

This led the city to create a master plan for the airport in 2019 as a guiding document for future development.

"Part of the airport master plan are several improvements and additions to the airport," Assistant City Manager Clint Philpott said Tuesday. "One of the most requested is hangar space for pilots. When we started this, there was a waiting list of about 25 names that wanted to lease hangars out of the airport."

Following the finalized master plan, the city initially planned to limit its construction of new hangars to better gauge interest and not over extend. However, these plans changed when the city received a bid from SkyTrust LLC for construction of the hangar space.

SkyTrust previous entered into a series of agreements with the city regarding Silver-Falcon Estates — a residential development adjacent to the airport that caters to aviation enthusiasts. The high-end development would feature residential units with attached hangars or tie-down space. 

Under the hangar development agreement, which was approved earlier this year, SkyTrust would develop not only the two prepared sites, but also a third hangar for a total of 21 hangar spaces at the developer's expense. SkyTrust would the enter into a long-term lease with the airport for two of the three hangars, which would revert back to city ownership at the end of the lease.

"So, we are getting three hangars for the price of one," Philpott said.

The two prepared spaces were both paved and have taxi access from an earlier attempt in the mid-2000s to develop new hangars. Plans for these  hangars were approved in 2007, but ultimately were abandoned.

The third space will be build adjacent to the other two lots.

Philpott said this should meet much of the current need for hangar space, adding that about half of the proposed spaces have already been claimed.

The proposals and variances were all unanimously approved.