Longhorn Drive resurfaced near new Denison food truck park

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat

Longhorn Drive in Denison was recently resurfaced thanks to the Grayson County Commissioners. Tuesday, the group agreed to an interlocal agreement that covered the roadwork done by county employees..

File photo showing the site of the Jake's Place which opened on the site of the former nightclub called Calhoun's. Tuesday Grayson County commissioners approved an interlocal agreement to cover road work done on Longhorn Drive to improve access to the new business.

GC commission Jeff Whitmire asked where that road was located and Commissioner David Whitlock said it was out there, "where that club used to be." The club he referenced was Calhoun's. The site has recently been put to a new use as a food truck park that recently opened at the site at Denison's entrance on Texoma Parkway.

While the commissioners teased each other back and forth about who might have had the most personal knowledge about the old nightclub, no one disagreed with the interlocal agreement. 

In a telephone conversation Tuesday, DDA President Tony Kaai said the project costs were around $8,300 dollars and were a part of an incentive package for Barry Reed, who has poured "several hundred thousand dollars into" the business called Jake's Place which opened earlier this month. 

Back in July, the Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved plans for food truck park in what was once the Calhoun’s night club. 

The building was opened in 1981 as a steakhouse, according to previously published reports and has an interior space of 12,000-square-foot which is expected to offer significant space for dinners even amid social distancing restrictions. 

The establishment is expected to offer food from food trucks the rotate on a weekly basis along with family oriented fun like games and live music. 

Kaai said the parking lot for the building runs east to west and Longhorn Drive runs along the southern edge of the lot allowing access to part of the parking lot. He said the road had not had any work done on it in a very long time. 

Reed, who was not at the meeting Tuesday, said in a telephone conversation that he is delighted with the work done on the road because it had probably been 40 years since it had been resurfaced. He said since opening, the establishment has already had around 6,000 customers and they have a much better road to drive on to access the parking lot now. He said that though the place has a different vibe than Calhoun's, it is still a place for entertainment and those who frequented the nightclub will find some elements of it remain. 

"We have the original safe," he said from 1981 and they also have the original dance floor that was put in around 1985. That dance floor has been moved, he said, but is still there, just in another place inside. Additionally, he said, the left over pieces of the dance floor are being cut down and will be sold to folks who want to celebrate their own history with the space.

Reed and his wife met at the night club. He said once people buy the pieces of the floor they can have them inscribed and take them home or they can leave them there and they will be hung up for everyone to see.  

The grand opening for Jake's Place, Kaai said, is set for Oct. 24.