Grayson County's COVID-19 related deaths jumps from 52 Friday to 55 Sunday

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
The Grayson County Health Department continues to track the number of COVID-19 active cases in the county. [Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat]

Tuesday, Grayson County announced the new COVID-19 cases from the weekend. That announcement included additional COVID-19 related deaths.

The reports that on Friday the county reported 62 news and had 128 active cases and 52 deaths. On Saturday, the county had four new cases, an active caseload of 132 and still 52 deaths. On Sunday, the county reported three new cases, an active caseload of 135 and the same 52 deaths. For Monday, the county reported seven new cases, an active caseload of only 74 cases and three additional deaths bringing that number to 55.

On Monday, the active cases in the county were in the following locations: Sherman, 46 cases; Denison, 10 cases; Collinsville, Gunter and Van Alstyne three cases each; Bells, Howe, and Whitesboro two cases each; Gordonville, Tom Bean and Whitewright each had one case.

Since the pandemic began, 1,024 of the cases have been in women and 1,108 has been in men. People in their 40s have been diagnosed with the illness more than any other age group in Grayson County with 388 cases. People in their 20s are a close second with 354 cases and people in their 30s are in 3rd place with 337 cases. People in their 50s come in next with 302 case. There have been 247 cases in people in their 60s and 227 cases in people from birth through age 19. There have been 164 cases in people in their 70s and 113 cases in people 80 and over.

None of the numbers released from the county daily include the free COVID-19 testing taking place in the parking lot of the Grayson County Health Department, 515 N. Walnut, in Sherman daily Monday through Saturday. Those who want to be tested do not need a doctor’s order or be experiencing symptoms. The tests are free to the patient though individuals will be asked to show proof of insurance or other medical payment identification such as Medicare or Medicaid. There are also GoGetTested sites at Austin College in Sherman and Grayson College in Denison.

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