SISD increases high school contract by $125k

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The Sherman Independent School District increased one of its contracts related to the new Sherman High School by $125,000 last month as the project nears completion.

5 change orders amount to $160K, but reduction of almost $40K

The Sherman Independent School Board approved a total of $160,538 in change orders related to the new Sherman High School last month as the school project approaches completion.

The orders represents several design changes that came in late to the project along with one deduction where the district plans to do work independently of the contract.

“We’ve done this several times throughout the process where we will take funds out of the contract because we believe in some cases we can get best value by taking funds out of the contract and procuring it on our own,” said Tyson Bennett SISD assistant superintendent of finance and operations.

The school project comes in the form of four individual contracts. Bennett said all six of the changes relate to the fourth, and largest, contract.

The first change will reduce the scope of the project by $39,954 and is related to the flooring in the school’s weight room. Since the initial contract, the district explored other options and found that it could get a thicker floor than what was initially included in the contract for the same price elsewhere.

“What we did was deducted funds we had in the contract for the weight room floor and we brought that out of the contract, which comes back to us and we can do it on our own,” Bennett said.

Another $19,253 will be added to the scope of the contract for improvements to the video and broadcasting lab. Bennett said it was determined that the door and window work in the lab was sufficient. The additional funds will address these acoustic issues.

The school board also added an additional $16,510 to the project related to storage improvements. Bennett said changes to duct work in the school site allowed for additional storage space that the district wishes to finish out.

The final three changes are related to the career tech work areas to expand the yard and provide additional security. These improvements will include the addition of card readers, solar panels and improved fencing.

The district also plans to expand the CTE service yard that will increase storage and instructional space.

The five change orders will increase the scope of the contract by $165,538. However, this will be offset partially by the deduction related to the weigh room, bringing the total contract increase to $125,950.

Bennett said the project is currently slated to be substantially completed by Dec. 23, with students expected to report to the new school following the Christmas break.

“We have a group that is working with the moving part of the high school, so they will essentially pack up at the end of the semester at the old school,” Bennett said. “Everything will be put into crates with the room numbers they will be going to. Thenover the christmas break that is when the movers will make the move.”

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