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Five things about Craig Carter

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat

Craig Carter is a Republican running to replace Pat Fallon in Texas' Senate District 30. The election is Sept. 29. Early voting continues through Sept. 25. There are five Republicans and one Democrat running and there is liable to be a runoff.

Here are five things to know about Craig Carter.

1. He likes old buildings.

Carter's website said he saved the old Nacoona Boot Company factory from being bulldozed. The building now serves as a hub for community services and for several businesses.

2. He works to give back to the community.

He operates a non profit called Hope 29:11 which is a 501c3 Food Bank in the Old Boot Factory. In a video on his website, he said it started one winter when he knew a guy who had some extra coats. So they ran something in the paper announcing a coat drive and hundreds of people showed up. Then they started offering food and they have had an ongoing food bank since.

3. He runs several businesses.

He runs a technology and renovation company called Church AV Installers and has since 2010. His website says he has worked on more than 300 projects for organizations ranging from churches to universities and professional sports teams.

4. He thinks there are too many career politicians.

"That’s why I am running — to bring a working man’s approach to our state government. That means rolling up my sleeves and focusing on improving schools, passing property tax reforms and growing our economy. If you think it’s time we provide hope and a brighter future for everyday working families, I would be honored to have your vote," he said on his campaign website.

5. He has a list of top priorities for the office.

His campaign website lists the things he thinks are most important for the position. They include providing students and teachers with the tools they need to succeed, growing the economy and creating new jobs, property tax reform, protecting the lives of unborn children, defending gun rights, stopping drugs and gangs, and stopping illegal immigration.