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5 things to know about Shelley Luther

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Shelley Luther

Shelley Luther, a Republican, is running to replace Pat Fallon in Texas' Senate District 30. The election is Sept. 29. Early voting continues through Sept. 25. There are five Republicans and one Democrat running.

Luther is new to politics and does not have a large online presence. Here are five things to know about her before heading to the polls.

1. She is a salon owner from Dallas.

She became famous back in March when she reopened her salon in spite of order from the Texas Governor saying such establishments should stay closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. She was sentenced to jail for reopening the salon.

She was sentenced to jail by Judge Eric Moyes for refusing to re close her business or apologize to the governmental officers whose orders she had violated. She was also ordered to pay a $7,000 fine.

3. She didn’t stay in jail seven days.

She was released after two days when Governor Gregg Abbott removed the threat of jail from the order she had violated. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered to pay her fines.

4. She had not been involved in state politics before the pandemic.

“Reopening my salon wasn’t a political statement, it was a necessity for the people that rely on it,” she told the Texas Tribune in a May 15 article.

5. She has a number of issues she would like to address if elected.

The first is the role of government. “The role of government is to protect the rights and liberties of citizens. Government that reaches beyond this core role begins to not only erode the rights of people, but it has the ability to threaten all of our lives and livelihoods. We must restrain government,” Luther said on her campaign website. She also said she wants to abolish tax-payer funded lobbying and to work against any efforts to defund police departments. She is in favor of gun rights and against abortion. She also thinks there should be stiffer penalties for violent rioting.

To find out more about what Luther stands for go to her website at