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5 things to know about Jacob Minter

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Jacob Minter is running as a Democrat to replace Pat Fallon in the state senate from District 30.

Jacob Minter is running to replace Pat Fallon in Texas' Senate District 30. The election is Sept. 29. Early voting continues through Sept. 25. There are five Republicans and one Democrat running.

1.Minter is the only Democrat in the race.

Minter said his wife actually told him that no Democrat had filed to run for the office. On his campaign website, he said, "I was excited to throw my name in the hat. I love hearing about people’s experiences, their struggles, their passions, their dreams. I feel like that’s what our political arena is missing - good solid discourse."

2. He is local to Grayson County.

Minter said he has worked in Sherman for five years. He and his wife live in Anna with their son.

3. He says it is time to end the negative politics.

"Voters are ready for change, to be listened to and to have their real priorities – education, healthcare and criminal justice reform – be the focus of the legislature," Minter said in campaign literature. He added,that he thinks the "politics of divisiveness" has held Texas back for far too long.

4. He is a local labor leader.

Minter's campaign literature says he is the the Recording Secretary for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 20 branch.

5. He has issues he wants to address immediately if elected.

Minter says Texans must urgently address the lack of healthcare access in the rural areas and the affordability of healthcare across the board. He said he will also fight to reform policing including ending qualified immunity and no-knock warrants and end the systemic criminalization of poverty. Additionally, he said, high property taxes are also a top priority for him. “Property taxes are out of control. We don’t have to tax people out of their homes, there are other means of acquiring the resources to fund our communities,” said in campaign literature.

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