5 things to know about Andy Hopper

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Andy Hopper is running for state senate in District 30 [courtesy photo].

Andy Hopper is running to replace Pat Fallon in Texas' Senate District 30. The election is Sept. 29. Early voting continues through Sept. 25. There are five Republicans and one Democrat running.

1. Hopper is a farmer from Decatur.

His campaign website says he and his wife, Amanda, and their children left Denton in 2010 to live in the country. Since then, they have lived on a farm where they grow pecan and fruit trees and gardens. They also raise laying hens and chickens and turkeys.

2. He is a member of the State Guard.

His website says he joined in 2014 and he is currently a Warrant Officer assigned to the T6 group in Camp Mabry in Austin.

3. He is also an Engineer.

He graduated from the University of North Texas in 2000 with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He has taught as an adjunct professor for UNT and holds a US patent. He has worked in both the private sector and the defense industry as a software engineer for more than two decades. He currently owns a software consulting firm.

4. The couple are high school sweethearts and homeschoolers.

Hopper and Amanda met in school and have homeschooled all of their children since 2012. There children did attend public schools in both Denton and Decatur before the family chose homeschooling. The family’s oldest son graduated in 2018 and is currently at college. The second son is expected to graduate in 2021 and the youngest son is a high school freshman.

5. Hopper’s website lists a range of issues that are important to him in the campaign.

Those include the second amendment, border control and immigration, daylight savings time, property taxes, law enforcement, crime, and term limits to name only a few. He is in favor of private gun ownership and not in favor of daylight savings time.

“The United States has never been effective at protecting the border of Texas,” Hopper said on his website. “Since the point that Texas joined the union in 1845 until now, Washington D.C has failed to protect Texas. Texans died to secure our soil and it is immoral for Texas to cede any land, particularly along the border, to Washington. I will fight the federal policy that disallows states from protecting their own borders.”

He said he agrees that property taxes are out of hand and that there has to be a better alternative that doesn’t deprive Texans of the ability to own their own homes. He also said that schools are which does not provide a disincentive for Texans to own their piece of Texas.

Hopper said 2020 has taught all Texans that there is more than one way to educate students and he thinks parents should be able to support the type of schooling that they pick for their students.

“By opening up the number of options to parents, funds that are available via property tax can be directed to the entities that need it, such as Texas’ teachers,” he said.

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