Commissioners approve new location for tax sales

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Grayson County Sheriff's Office Capt. Harvey Smitherman talks to county commissioners about the new locations for the tax sales at Tuesday's meeting.

Grayson County Commissioners Tuesday approved a new location for the sale of property that is being sold because its owners didn’t pay their taxes.

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Harvey Smitherman told commissioners they were planning to move the sales from the assembly room at the Grayson County Courthouse to the north steps of the courthouse to allow for more social distancing.

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers added that they were also approving the addition of the two courtrooms on the second floor of the courthouse as alternate spots for the tax sales in case of inclement weather.

And, this is not likely to be the last change. Magers has heard that many counties have been shifting their tax sales online during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been happy with the number of bidders from outside their area that the shift has allowed to take part in the sales.

There is a legal process in place whereby the county can seize property for non paid taxes. Only after a property has been through that process can it be added to a public sale that is conducted by the Sheriff’s Office. The minimum prices for the properties are approved in advance by the Grayson County commissioners court and generally include the owed taxes plus, court costs and publishing fees.

Information on the Grayson County website says that the sales are held on the first Tuesday of April, August and November of every year.