DDA gives $10k incentive for Main Street Lumber study

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
The Denison Development Alliance has approved an incentive with Main Street Lumber for consulting services aimed at increasing efficiency.

Denison’s Main Street Lumber will receive some assistance in streamlining its production and distribution processes. The Denison Development Alliance approved a $10,000 incentive agreement with the lumber company to hire a consultant to review and advise on its processes.

The incentive comes as the company has seen an increase in demand amid a years-long housing boom across North Texas.

“Main Street Lumber is one of our most successful businesses and obviously the growth of housing that continues to boom in North Texas and Denison is a boon for them,” DDA President Tony Kaai said. “They continue to grow and expand to a point at this time that they need technical assistance to reallign their product movement.”

Kaai said the incentive funds will be used to bring in a consultant to look at the company’s processes, including distribution to find ways in which the company can be more efficient. Kaai said this could include layout changes or the addition of new facilities.

“The bottom line is to make them more efficient with higher productivity and that’s a win-win for everyone,” Kaai said.

Kaai said this incentive is very similar to one that was issued several years ago focused on a new door manufacturing building. This included input of where various equipment should be installed to maximize efficiency.

“We had another consultant in when we were enlarging with our door shop and some manufacturing and this is just the second stage of that,” said Robert Pool, representing Main Street Lumber.

Pool said Main Street Lumber’s business can be broken down into two parts — lumber sales and mill work, which includes finished products like doors

Both sides of the business will likely be affected by the recommendations of the consultant, he said.

Pool said the increase in efficiency will help with a significant increase in development and residential construction in North Texas that have resulted in a large increase in demand for their products.

“We are just having so much growth from the south, we are just growing, and having growing pains and need help working through them,” he said. “It has increased a lot. Over the last several years we’ve more than doubled the amount of employees and a lot of that is in the last three years.”