Commissioners to pay to move into bigger space to keep social distancing

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Grayson County commissioners meet in the east courtroom at the Grayson County Courthouse Tuesday. The meeting was shared through ZOOM to allow for social distancing.

Grayson County commissioners Tuesday approved spending the money to make their move to the east courtroom at the Grayson County Courthouse a more permanent one. The move could cost up to $2,400 and it should make the viewing experience better for those who wish to join the meeting virtually.

The motion to go forward with the matter was approved unanimously, but the Court could still choose to return to its meeting place one floor below should they decide to do so at a later date.

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said the reason for the move has been space. Commissioners started meeting in the east courtroom back in March when pandemic began in Grayson County.

They have been meeting via ZOOM since then. Instead of their normal dias, they have been conducting meetings seated at tables between the judge's bench and the audience section of the courtroom. Magers sits at a table alone in the middle and is flanked by two commissioners on his left and two on his right.

The courtroom features church pew seating and can accommodate approximately four times the number of people as the meeting room downstairs. Social distancing requirements cuts that number down significantly, but still allows the court to offer people a seat in the room if they choose to be there. For social distancing reasons people are asked to sit on every other pew and try not to sit too closely together on the pews.

Magers aid the costs to move the equipment from their normal floor to the east courtroom is not huge and he anticipated the move could be made by the next meeting.