Big holiday weekend expected at Lake Texoma

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Herald Democrat
Boats like these from this 2018 file photo are expected to fill Lake Texoma this holiday weekend.

The biggest holiday of the summer falls an a Saturday this year and pandemic or not, Lake Texoma looks to be the place to be for the Fourth of July.

Grayson County commissioners Tuesday acknowledged that the area was likely to see a large influx of people over the holiday weekend.

“Things have not slowed down much since the governors opened things up, business picked up and it has not slowed down since,” said Lake Texoma Association Executive Director Brandi Burkhalter. She said Memorial Day was a big holiday at the lake.

She said campsites and hotel rooms are full or are fulling up quickly.

Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said it is great that the number of cases of COVID 19 in the county have gone down in the county.

In fact, commissioners were so pleased with that that they didn’t even have extending the county’s disaster declaration on their agenda on Tuesday. That declaration has been in place since the pandemic began in this area back in March and has been credited by county officials for helping the county recoup money spent to help curb the spread of the virus in the county. The county applied for around $2.3 million in funds from Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Emergency Security Act.

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said at an earlier meeting that there was about $7 million total allocated for Grayson County and the remainder of the money will be given to local cities and towns.

Whitmire said it was great that on Tuesday Grayson County hit a two-month low on active cases unlike the counties neighbors to the south which have seen record high numbers of positive cases recently.

“As the holiday weekend is upcoming, we should remain cautious as we do have many locals who work in the metroplex and we will also have a lot of visitors here as well. While we may not need to worry about our neighbors, we really don’t know who is sitting or standing near us or where they have been,” Whitmire said urging people stay safe and healthy.

On Tuesday, the county’s rolling rate of positive COVID-19 tests was 8.28 and the state’s over all rate was 12.74.

Burkhalter said some of the hotels and motels or cabin rentals on or around the lake are taking precautions in light of the pandemic. She said some are cutting down on the amount of contact between their staff and their customers.

“They go in and clean the room good and then they’ll leave the key in it. The guest notify them when they get there. And then they don’t really have any contact with them while they are there,” she explained.

She said many of the camp sites have made room between sites for social distancing.

Many local eateries, she said, are still doing curbside or pick up only but many are open for seated service as well. That gives people lots of options on how they want to try to stay safe with regard to the virus. Burkhalter said that boats naturally provide for some social distancing as there are a limited number of people who can get on a craft at any one time.

“As long as they don’t group up, I don’t think there will be a big issue,” she added.