Denison to hold annual budget retreat

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Denison city council members discuss the upcoming budget during the annual budget retreat in this file photo from 2018.

The city of Denison will begin its annual budget season in full force this week when city leaders meet for the annual budget retreat. The annual meeting, held each summer, allows leaders and the city council to discuss the proposed budget for the next fiscal year ahead of its adoption this fall.

City leaders will meet at 8 a.m. Friday at Denison City Hall for the retreat, which typically lasts most of the day.

Traditionally, the meeting serves as an opportunity for departments and city staff to bring up major projects and other items for consideration in the upcoming budget. These topics vary from large scale public works projects including road and infrastructure improvements, to the construction of new facilities and equipment purchases.

As part of 2019’s budget retreat, city officials discussed the ongoing improvements to Flora Lane, which include both a road rebuild and water infrastructure expansions.

The roadway became a priority for the city as he serves multiple campuses in the Denison Independent School District.

Another major project that came out of the budget discussions of 2018 was the rebuild of the West Side Fire Station along Morton Street.

The building, which was built in the 1960s, was in poor condition and in need of major maintenance. However, the city elected to full rebuild the building with modern construction.

Earlier this year, the city issued more than $2 million in bonds for the rebuild of the station, along with the purchase of a new ladder truck.

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