Meeting set to discuss contact tracing in Texas

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Herald Democrat
Texoma Patriots Representative Kaaren Tueber addresses Grayson County commissioners Tuesday about a meeting set for Monday on Contract Tracing

Tuesday morning, Kaaren Tueber of Texoma Patriots addressed Grayson County commissioners about an upcoming meeting on the topic of contract tracing.

The meeting, she said, will be held at 7 p.m. in the east courtroom of the Grayson County Courthouse in Sherman.

The speaker will be state Senator Bob Hall of District 2.

Tueber started off her comments to commissioners by saying that "Contract Tracing tramples on our individual liberty."

"The government has overreached closing businesses. We have the social distancing, washing your hands and wearing the masks, all possible for us to protect ourselves," she said.

She then added that the next step is contract tracing which she described as, "where you identify everyone you come in contact with."

Governor Greg Abbott, she said, "has signed an agreement with the MTX Group for the amount of $295 million,to hire people who are supposed to do this tracing of each one of us."

In a statement sent to the Herald Democrat about the meeting, Teuber explained that the tracing is being advertised as an "entirely voluntary" system, that will be triggered by a positive COVID-19 test that will investigations into the comings and goings of people who were in the vicinity person who tested positive for the virus during the that the person was likely to be contagious.

"If you went to a restaurant, government officials have said they will look at restaurant seating logs to determine who you may have been in close proximity. The government may even review credit card receipts to determine who else was in the restaurant at the same time. If you happen to be one of the persons in the restaurant, will you be asked to self-isolate just because you have been in the same restaurant as someone who tested positive?," Tuesber said in the statement and to commissioners.

She said it sounds like being asked to go into isolation could be a continuous thing as people come in and out of isolation and then come into contact with different people who test positive for the virus.

"The government is offering us security for the loss of our individual liberty," she said.

She asked that the commissioners pledge that they will not support the work done by the MTX group but that they will continue to provide tracing locally between doctors and patients.