Texoma hits first triple digit heat index

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat
Sherman Fire-Rescue crews try to keep cool while working in triple-digit heat conditions in 2019. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the Texoma area will see a heat index of at least 100 degrees this weekend, but a dry front will bring temperatures back into the 90s by next week.

With the heat index already in the triple digits, this weekend will be a hot one for the Texoma region. Although the National Weather Service predicts that North Texas temperatures will stay in the upper 90s through the weekend, they also predict that it will feel like it is much hotter due to the heat index.

The high on Saturday and Sunday is expected to be 95 degrees, and on Monday, the high is expected to be around 91 degrees.

“It looks like the hottest day this week will be on Tuesday,” Meteorologist Monique Sellers said Friday from the NWS Fort Worth field office. “It will be around 96 degrees and then a front will come into the area.”

While the front is not expected to bring any precipitation, the dry front will bring the humidity down.

“It will knock the temperatures down and it will also bring the heat index down,” Sellers said.

When it comes to the humidity in the air, Sellers said that the moisture can make individuals feel hotter. The heat index Friday was 103 and it is expected to be around 102 Saturday. Monday, the heat index will come down to 99.

“This is the first time most areas will make it into the 100-degree weather,” Sellers said. “While we do not normally keep track of the heat index averages, we do keep track of the average temperatures and the dew points.”

Heading into the summertime, Sellers said that the warmer temperatures are most likely here to stay.

“This is probably going to be our new normal for a while,” she said. “As we get closer to the summer months, we expect the weather to be in the 90s and to be pretty humid unless we get another one of these dry fronts that knocks the temperatures back down.”