Scheibmeir leaves St. Mary’s School

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Philip Scheibmeir will teach Algebra at Denison High School next year after leaving his post as principal at St. Mary's Catholic School at the end of the 2020 spring semester

When students return to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Sherman this fall, they will be greeted by a new principal. Danny Ledbetter will take the spot vacated by Phillip Scheibmeir who has been principal at the school for the past 11 years.

And students at Denison High School will return to find a new math teacher because that is where Scheibmeir will focus his efforts next.

When he signed his last contract as principal for the school three years ago, Scheibmeir said knew that the itch to go back to the classroom was getting stronger for him.

Scheibmeir said he really went to work at St. Mary’s because his five children were attending the school. Since then, all but one of them have graduated the school which goes teaches preschool through eighth grade.

The Scheibmeirs will stay involved at St. Mary’s as parents as their youngest child is still enrolled there.

“I will still attend school functions, help with fundraisers, serve at Mass, continue to teach RCIA and sing in the choir,” said Philip Scheibmeir in his letter to the school. ”The feeling will be strange when I walk in the front door of the school and see my old office or know that I’m no longer in charge. I will also know that accepting this job over a decade ago was the time of my life. My heart will always cherish these memories and someday, hundreds of years later, we can all bask in the glory of God, reminiscing about our great times at St. Mary’s School.”

Scheibmeir originally thought about returning to teach at Sherman where he had taught before going to St. Mary’s but there weren’t any openings there. So, he was excited to hear that that there was a spot for him in Denison.

He said he is excited to become a yellow jacket and is looking forward to working with students in algebra at Denison High School.

In his letter to the school, Ledbetter, who worked for the McKinney ISD for the last eight years, said he is excited to be able to mix his love for teaching with his devout faith as a Catholic to lead St. Mary’s school community.

“I believe all children are gifts from God with unique talents, gifts, and abilities, and it is our call as educators to help them discern and grow in all of these areas. I also believe we have a divine mandate to provide our students with a strong Christ-inspired moral compass that will allow them to use their gifts to glorify God and be leaders in their community,” he said.

Ledbetter earned his undergrad and graduate degrees from Texas A&M University and earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Danny Ledbetter will be the new principal at St. Mary's Catholic School in Sherman this fall