Now & Then: Local Vietnam veteran Larry Flenniken shares reminiscences from his time in the U.S. Army

Dwayne Wilder, For Grayson Magazine
Photos by Courtney Mitchell Photography
Local Vietnam War veteran Larry Flenniken earned 11 medals during his time in Vietnam, serving in the First Calvary of the U.S. Army. The Army consists of armor, aviation, artillery and infantry; Flenniken was part of each during his tour in country.

"We were like a well-oiled machine; if everyone did their job, we usually won. And if something was out of balance, we had to make do. Everyone’s job is important."

Larry and his wife, Judy, live in Sherman and have raised three grown daughters. Because of his role in the 
Battle of Hue, Larry was personally able to name a landing zone for the site. His choice? LZ Judy.