MOMENTS WITH THE MINISTER: The missing color of the rainbow

By Homer McQueen
Special to the Herald Democrat

     It cannot be emphasized too much, our God is not a respecter of persons.  Neither Jew, nor Greek: neither male, nor female; neither black, nor white.  If we plan to live eternally in Heaven, we would do well to learn to appreciate one another down here.  Previously, in this column, the ‘curse of Ham’ was refuted under the subject “Black History in the Bible.”  If you missed it, you can google it online.

     The Garden of Eden encompassed Ethiopia.  The entire human race began with Adam and Eve, which makes us all kinfolk. (Genesis 2:13;3:20)

     Notable descendants of Noah’s son Ham settled, after the Flood, in what we now refer to as Africa and the Middle East.  Cushites became Ethiopians.  Mizraimites became Egyptians and Libyans.  Canaanites lived in the Holy Land. (Psalm 105:23; Genesis 10:1-20)

     Despite Noah’s curse of Canaan, individual Canaanites are mentioned favorably in the Bible.  Rahab the harlot married an Israelite, and became an ancestor of King David.  Uriah the Hittite was a faithful Soldier in David’s army.  Ornan the Jebusite provided his threshing floor to David as the site of a sacrificial altar, and later the site of Solomon’s Temple.  (Joshua 2:6; Matthew 1:5,6; 2 Samuel 11; 1 Chronicles 21,22)

     Shortly after the Flood, Nimrod, grandson of Cush, became the first ruler of a kingdom. (Genesis 10)

     The Queen of Sheba, ruler Yemen and Ethiopia, had great wealth; but, she was wise enough to seek the source of King Solomon’s wisdom.  (2 Chronicles 9:1-12)

     The Ethiopian Ebed-melek, organized a rescue party to save the life of Jeremiah, enabling the prophet to write two books of the Bible.  (Jeremiah 38)

     Philip the evangelist shared the Gospel with the the treasurer of Ethiopia.  (Acts 8:26-38)

     Followers of Jesus Christ were first called Christians at Antioch.  Leaders of that church were from Africa.(Acts 11:26;13::1)

     Simon of Cyrene, Libya was the only person who helped Jesus bear his cross. (Mark 15:21)

     Joseph and Mary hid the infant Jesus from King Herod by taking Him to Egypt.  Apparently, their physical appearance was so similar to the Egyptians that they easily blended in.  The Bible records that Moses and Paul were mistaken for Egyptians. (Matthew 2; Exodus 2:16-19; Acts 21:37-39)

     DNA tracing of ancestry has revealed that individuals might be more varied in their racial background than they realize. The uproar over the racist comment allegedly made by one of the British royals to Prince Harry about his son is underscored by the fact that Queen Elizabeth Ii is descended from Queen Charlotte, whose ancestors included Moors. 

     Imagine how surprised former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was when- at the age of sixty- she was informed  she was of Jewish descent.

     We are told there was nothing noteworthy about the physical appearance of Jesus of Nazareth, nor that an ancestor of Mother Mary was a Canaanite. (Isaiah 53:;1,2; Luke 3:23-32; Matthew 1:1-16)


     In Numbers 12, God punished Moses’ sister with leprosy, which caused her skin to lose all pigment, after she criticized her brother for marrying a black woman.

     There was no prohibition in Moses’ law against interracial marriage.  The requirement was that the non-Jew convert to worship the one true God.  Case in point: Black entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. converted to Judaism to marry blonde Jewish Swedish actress May Britt. 

     You may not be a natural descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  But, God so loved each of us He set Jesus Christ to die for us.  If we accept Jesus, God accepts us, which trumps everyone else’s opinion of ourselves, including our own.

Homer McQueen

Homer McQueen serves as assistant pastor of Mt. Carmel Church of God in Christ, secretary at In His Shadow Outreach Ministries, chaplain for the Sherman District Parole Office, ministry volunteer for the Texas Youth Commission and Texas Department of Criminal Justice, a part-time pharmacist, and a full-time husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. The views and opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Herald Democrat.